Tuesday, October 15, 2013

RE/ACT: Tips for Marketing Open Houses

Welcome back to my video blog! Today, I’m at the research center and it’s a great place to clear your head and get some downtime. When you’ve cleared your head it allows you to look at marketing and promoting in a new way.

I know all of you are using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the other forms of social media to promote your open houses. I have a few other tips, though, to spark some interest in more potential buyers.

If you don’t have Four Square on your smartphone, download the app.

Now, Sunday is usually a pretty busy day for realtors. You’re either driving clients around looking for properties or you have an open house. The marketing and promoting of your open house should start earlier in the week.

On Wednesday drive to the property. Take a picture of the home, and please don’t do that standard curb shot. People can find that anywhere. Instead, take a unique shot from a different angle. Maybe it’s a picture of only half the house or of the staircase leading upstairs. Take a picture that doesn’t show the whole house. Post this photo then to Four Square with the byline inviting the buyer to come to the open house to see the rest of the property.

What else can you do?

Did you know you can pay to promote your post on Facebook? You can spend $5 -$100 depending on how many viewers you want to reach. The great thing, too, is that Facebook tells you what the best value for your dollar is. Promote your open house up until Sunday.

Then on Sunday, take another picture of the property and post it to Four Square. Invite buyers to come by.

These are just a few ways to spark some interest and curiosity in buyers. Open houses are not dead!

If you have any questions, please give me a call! Thanks for watching!

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